The Testimonials

Realtor loves the comfort & velcro - bought 19 pairs the first time she tried them on

Realtor finds these shoes comfortable because they don't hurt after showing houses all-day

High heels that pass the 12 hour shoe challenge

Couldn't wear heels due to back surgery but now I can - European Heels has saved me!

These heels are like wearing tennis shoes

I can even wear these heels with Plantar Fasciitis!

Couldn't wear heels & now wears 3" heels with confidence

Gave up on heels due to Fibromyalgia - now wears heels again

Now chooses good quality versus quantity - no pain in these shoes

Take care of your feet, replacing all her heels with European Heels


Yes, I'm in love with European Heels! I met Cindy when she started the business in 2019. In 3 years, I have purchased multiple styles & heel heights. I think I'm up to 69 pairs but who's counting, I love them! It's so amazing that I can customize my shoes, each pair is so unique. Every style I have worn gets amazing attention and compliments. Most importantly very comfortable! I enjoy showing homes in these heels. - Melody Rivera

Love these shoes! I couldn't wear heels for more than 10 mins without my feet killing. With these shoes, I can wear the all day. So happy I found them. Everyone should have a pair. - Jenn Foster

Ahh-Mazing Shoes!
If you're looking for a cute pair of shoes that are actually comfortable, you've found it!! I've purchased 6 pairs and am in love with them all! They are stylish, versatile and SO comfortable! I do quite a bit of walking and standing and they truly can be worn all day ~ no matter the situation (plus, I get compliments everywhere I go!). Working with Cindy is an absolute joy as she's always responsive, attentive, and happy to accommodate any questions that I have! Don't miss your chance to pick up these awesome shoes! - Lisa Meiring

These shoes are by far my most favorite shoes in my closet, 4 pairs so far… I can walk, run, dance, and play in them all day and my feet feel fabulous! Not to mention the multiple compliments you get throughout the day when you’re wearing them. I ruin heels on my shoes almost immediately and these you can’t even tell I’ve worn them 20 plus times, I’m hooked!! I'm not into hosting parties and I have already hosted 2 pop-up boutiques so far as so many people ask about them, I have to share the love! - Christine Woolard

I've avoided wearing heels for years because they hurt my feet and were uncomfortable! Heels would hurt my back, bunions, and leave me with blisters on my feet. I was looking for a heel that was stylish, classy, and one I could wear all night dancing and not end up with blisters. Honestly, I didn't believe such a thing existed until I tried a pair of European Heels. I was absolutely amazed! I could wear them all day and didn't even notice I was wearing heels. I tested them at the airport, out dancing, and even an all-day shopping adventure. Well, they passed the test with flying colors. I was hooked! - Allie Koiner


Ok, I am spoiled and really can’t bring myself to buy any shoes now other than these. Not only are they beautiful, but they have alleviated the back problems I have when wearing an average heel.  In fact, several doctors have told me that heels are OUT based on a prior sports injury.  Well, I am here to say heels are back IN. I am so happy I have found Cindy and her European Heels. - Jennifer Beckman