The Story

Fall in LOVE with Heels Again!


I love high heels! If you’re reading this, most likely you love them too! So, imagine how devastating it would be to break both legs and never get to wear heels again. This happened to me in a car accident at age 17, which left me with scared legs and not able to wear heels again.


Anytime I wore a pair of heels after the accident...horrible pain. While in Spain, I discovered European Heels. These heels were gorgeous, and against my better judgment, I purchased a pair. I put them on immediately and wore them the entire day. I fell asleep knowing that I would be forced to wear tennis shoes for the rest of my trip. I awoke the next morning, no pain! No pain at all!


I wore my new European Heels the whole trip. My legs and feet felt amazing! And you guessed it, no pain! No pain at all!


These heels were the most comfortable pair I had ever stepped into! The cork sole is the secret as it flexes, gives and supports the foot with hand crafted quality. That’s why I'm bringing my discovery to you, European Heels. I want every woman to feel powerful, confident, beautiful, and most of all – comfortable!


My goal is to give women the most comfortable, fashionable heels they’ve ever owned.


Wear them for a day and you’ll soon see why I say, "Give a girl the right shoes and she'll conquer the world."


I'm confident you’re going to love the way you feel.


Welcome to your new life in heels!

- Cindy Bauszus, European Heels