The Story


Fall in LOVE with Heels Again!

I love high heels and if you're reading this, most likely you love them too! Not only do I love high heels, I love comfortable high heels. A high heel without the pain, how can that be?


These European Heels are just that. These are the most comfortable high heels I have ever worn. They are classy, stylish and modern with this cutting-edge cork technology sole.

My journey to this shoe line changed my life. I never thought I would wear high heels again. Not after a car crash at the age of 17 that resulted in two broken legs. My right femur healed with the assistance of a two-foot metal rod placed from my hip to my knee. This scar is now part of me.

At the time of the crash, I was told I may never walk again, but I was determined to make a full recovery. However, anytime I'd try to wear a pair of heels, I experienced horrible, excruciating pain.


In June 2013 traveling in Spain, I discovered European Heels.  These heels were just gorgeous! Against my better judgement, I was talked into trying on a pair of 3" black patent leather peep toe heels. I couldn't believe how awesome they felt! They were so hot! After my purchase, I was so excited to wear them that I wore them the entire afternoon and evening, even danced hours in them.

I feel asleep that night hoping my feet, legs or back wouldn't hurt in the morning. I had become so tired of always having to wear boring shoes or tennis shoes on my trips. The next morning, I woke up to no pain! No pain at all!

I went back to the boutique and bought two more pair of European Heels. My legs and feet felt amazing! And after walking in one Spanish town after another, day after day, still no pain! I couldn't believe it!

This started my love affair with European Heels. They are the most comfortable heels I have ever stepped into!

The cork platform sole is the secret as it flexes, has give and supports the foot with hand-crafted quality. That's why I'm bringing my discovery to you. I want every woman to feel powerful, confident, beautiful, and most of all - comfortable! Step in, and I will deliver you the most comfortable, fashionable heels you have ever owned.


Wear them for a day and you’ll soon see why I say, "Give a girl the right shoes and she'll conquer the world."


I'm confident you’re going to love the way you feel.


Welcome to your new life in heels!


- Cindy Bauszus, European Heels