• Comfortable 12-Hour Heels!

Comfortable 12-Hour Heels!


The Favorite Heel heights

Heel Height Favorites

All of these favorites have a 1-inch cork platform, which reduces the heel height by 1 inch without losing any height! The platform also absorbs any pressure on the balls of your feet, while the cork sole flexes and supports your foot as you move.

What the girls say

"Yes, I'm in love with European Heels. I met Cindy when she started the business in 2019. In 3 years, I have purchased multiple styles & heel heights. I think I'm up to 69 pairs but who's counting, I love them! It's so amazing that I can customize my shoes, each pair is so unique. Every style I have worn gets amazing attention and compliments. Most importantly very comfortable!"

Melody Rivera - Realtor

"Ok, I am spoiled and really can’t bring myself to buy any shoes now other than these. Not only are they beautiful, but they have alleviated the back problems I have when wearing an average heel.  In fact, several doctors have told me that heels are OUT based on a prior sports injury.  Well, I am here to say heels are back IN. I am so happy I have found Cindy and her European Heels." 

Jennifer Beckman, Executive Coach & Talent Matchmaker

"I have a love for shoes. With that said, I am also a realtor and have to be on my feet all day. I want style and quality, but can’t compromise on comfort. These shoes are the most comfortable heels I have ever worn. Many styles have a velcro band, so they slip on and off with ease. They also come in several different heel heights, that way I can choose the right pair for me on any given day or event. I have purchased lots of these shoes and will continue to do so!"

Treva Fulton - Realtor

"Ahh-Mazing Shoes!
If you're looking for a cute pair of shoes that are actually comfortable, you've found it!! I've purchased 4 pair and am in love with them all! They are stylish, versatile and SO comfortable! I do quite a bit of walking and standing and they truly can be worn all day ~ no matter the situation (plus, I get compliments everywhere I go!). Working with Cindy is an absolute joy as she's always responsive, attentive, and happy to accommodate any questions that I have! Don't miss your chance to pick up these awesome shoes!"

Lisa Meiring, Radical Results Consulting

"These shoes are by far my most favorite shoes in my closet, 4 pairs so far… I can walk, run, dance, and play in them all day and my feet feel fabulous! Not to mention the multiple compliments you get throughout the day when you’re wearing them. I ruin heels on my shoes almost immediately and you can’t even tell I’ve worn them 20 plus times, I’m hooked!! I'm not into hosting parties and I have already hosted 2 pop-up boutiques so far as so many people ask about them, I have to share the love!"

Christine Woolard, Farmer's Insurance
cindy bauszus

"Give a girl the right shoes and she'll conquer the world."