Become a Sales Director

Love our shoes?

Sales Directors Program:

Sales Directors Benefits: 

  • You’ll be a part of the exclusive team with a teachable model that empowers women to have their own business they love
  • Ability to start within a week
  • Discounts off your new shoe wardrobe
  • Control over your success and schedule
  • Part of a community of passionate women
  • Training in our model and method of success
  • Marketing and sales training
  • Brand and logo use rights 

Be a part of our family and represent an exclusive luxury product that ladies love!

Sales Director skills and requirements needed:

    • Love our shoes
    • Be a self-starter
    • Have a great work ethic
    • Organize & create pop-up boutiques
    • Be aligned to our four values: 
    •      1. High Standards & Inspiration
    •      2. Prevail & Passion
    •      3. Confidence & Spark
    •      4. Uplift & Energize
    • Have the ability to work in sales and followup
    • Have the ability to manage admin & systems in your business
    • Be great in following up with customers after your pop-up boutiques
    • Be social and connected to your community
    • Be willing to connect and market to your social media platform 
    • Know how to work with zoom, word, online ordering and canva
    • Ability to work with your host for the pop-up boutique (email invites, Facebook private invite) 

Our Sales Directors make anywhere from $25,200 year (1 pop-up boutique a week) - $129,600 year (4 pop-up boutiques per week)


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